Uncategorized February 15, 2012

11 Must-Haves to Buy a Home in Today’s Market

1. Law of Real Estate Agency-Washington State law as it relates to broker/client relationships.  It’s important to understand who represents you and your best interests.

2. Guide to Buying a Home-Complete summary of the home-buying process.  This gives you a bird’s eye view from A to Z on how to successfully buy a home.

3. Broker Bio– A little about how I work and why I am motivated to work so hard for you.

4. 10 Deadly Mistakes– protect yourself from these ten common pitfalls

5. Lender info– Here’s a lender I trust that you can find information about a mortgage or get a second opinion from.

6. Real Estate Market Facts & Trends graphs– It’s crucial more now than ever to know what is going on in the market you’d like to buy in. (to be customized for your target market)

7. Market Summary Comparative Analysis– Summary of what’s currently for sale, what has sold and what they are actually selling for. (to be customized for your target market)

8. List of homes for sale– What is available to buy.(to be customized for your target market)

9. Home Comparison Sheet– Home-buying is a process of elimination rather than selection.

10. Sample copy of Purchase and Sale Agreement contract– Know what you are agreeing to BEFORE you sign it.

11. Guide to Closing Costs– this gives you an idea of the costs commonly associated with buying a home in today’s market.

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This information is courtesy of Nate Thornton, Windermere Real Estate/PSR, Inc.